Physical Therapists in Utrecht

Do you have a physical or sports injury?

At FysioDomstad, importance is placed on patients with muscoloskeletal disorders.

We offer flexible opening hours and don’t have a waiting list. This is how we work:

• the quality of patient care
• determining accurate diagnoses
• focus on cause and prevention
• a wide range of specialisations
• more than 10 years of experience


For a free (sport-) walk-in consultation visit us every tuesday evening between 19:00 and 20:00.


FysioDomstad has contracts with all the major insurers. You can be seen with or without a referral from a general practitioner or specialist. Remuneration is taken from your supplementary health insurance, thus not from your mandatory excess.

Please call 030-2920021 or mail to [email protected] to get started on your injuries. We’ll gladly help you.

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Samen kunnen we er iets aan doen. Wij bieden:
Focus op schouder-, knie- en rugklachten
Kosten? Vergoeding door alle verzekeraars
Behandelplannen, op maat voor jouw situatie

Kom naar het gratis inloopspreekuur!

Iedere dinsdag van 19:00 tot 20:00 in Utrecht centrum.
Iedere donderdag van 20:00 tot 20:30 in Utrecht centrum.
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Voor (sport)fysiotherapie, manuele therapie en dry needling in centrum Utrecht Fysiotherapie in centrum Utrecht